List of talks, MILOVY 2002

I. S. Duff  How Direct Methods Make Iterative Methods Work
G. Meurant  Combining Multilevel Preconditioners with Domain for Solvin Linear Systems
M. Benzi  An Iterative Method for Generalized KKT Systems
D. Szyld  Flexible and Inexact Krylov Subspace Methods
G. Sleijpen  Inexact Krylov Subspace Methods for linear Systems
G. H. Golub  Solution of Non-Symmetric, Real Positive Linear Systems
M. Bollhöfer  An Algebraic Multilevel Method for Sparse Approximate Inverses Based on Norm Minimization
R. Holland  Variations on Frobenius-Norm Based Sparse Approximate Inverse Preconditioners
L. Laayouni  Domain Decomposition and Preconditioning Method for Linear Partial Differential Equations Systems
T. Carrington Jr  Using Preconditioned Inexact Spectral Transform Methods To Calculate Vibrational Energy Levels and Metastables State Lifetimes
E. Catinas  Newton-GMRES and -MINPERT Behave Asymptotically Almost the Same
A. Dax  An Open Question on the Convergence of Certain Relaxation Methods
K. Hayami  On the Convergence of Krylov Subspace Methods for Singular Systems
M. Hochstenbach  Approximations from Subspaces for the Singular Value Problem
A. Hadjidimos  Optimal Complex SIM--SOR for Intersecting Lines Spectra
D. Potts  Fast Summation at Nonequispaced Knots by NFFTs
J. Rohn  An Improved Bauer-Skeel Bound
R. Choy  MATLAB*P 2.0 - User Friendly, Interactive Environment for Parallel Scientific Computing
C. Paige  GPS Differential Positioning Using Least Squares
P. C. Hansen  Subspace Preconditioning for Discrete Ill-Posed Problems
N. Mastronardi  Fast Algorithms for Solving Regularized Structured Total Least Squares Problems
L. Reichel  Tikhonov Regularization for Large-Scale Problems
M. Neumann  A Divide and Conquer Approach to Computing the Mean First Passage Matrix for Markov Chains via Perron Complement Reductions
O. Axelsson  A Survey of Robust Preconditioning Methods
D. Bertaccini  Preconditioned Linear Systems of Time-Dependent PDEs. Properties and Performances
R. Zdunek  Applications of Linear Solvers to Image Reconstruction from Limited-Data
D. Calvetti  Truncated Iteration, Preconditioning and Regularization
A. Naumov  On the Regularized Algorithm of the Inverse Problem for Diffusion Equation
M. Gander  RAS-Understanding Restricted Additive Schwarz
J. A. Scott  HSL Parallel Direct Solvers for Large Sparse Linear Systems
G. Oksa  Parallel Matrix Multiplication by Gramian of Toeplitz-Block Matrix
J. Arnal  Newton Two-stage Parallel Iterative Methods for Nonlinear Problems
B. Fischer  On Fast Registration Schemes with Application to Medical Imaging
J. G. Nagy  Preconditioned Iterative Methods for Image Restoration
M. Arioli  A Null-Space Method Approach in Solving Darcy's Equations
T. Huckle  Multigrid Methods for Block Toeplitz Matrices
M. Eiermann  Subspace Correction Methods for Singular Systems
K. Tanabe  Learning Machine PLRM and Related Numerical Linear Algebra
Z. Dostal  Optimal Penalty-FETI Method for Variational Inequalities
M. H. Gutknecht  Block and Band Lanczos Solvers - a Review of Options
R. Blaheta  Symmetric, Nonsymmetric and Nonlinear Space Decomposition Preconditioners with Applications
I. Marek  Iterative Aggregation/Disaggregation Methods for Computing Some Characteristics of Markov Chains. Fast Convergence.
D. Loghin  Preconditioning Techniques for the Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations
J. Langou  A Reorthogonalization Procedure for MGS Applied to a Low Rank Deficient Matrix
J.-P. M. Zemke  Finite Precision Krylov Methods in a Nutshell
C. Popa  Some Extensions of Cimmino's Reflections Algorithm to Inconsistent Linear Least-Squares Problems
H. Voss  Solving a Rational Eigenvalue Problem in Fluid-Structure Interaction
M. Van Barel  The QR-Factorization of Diagonal-Plus-Semiseparable Matrices
P. Spiteri  A New Characterization of M-Matrix and Applications
Y. Notay  Convergence of Inexact Rayleigh Quotient Iterations and Jacobi-Davidson
V. Simoncini  Inexact Block Preconditioners for Saddle-Point Problems
O. Ernst  A Numerical Study of Acceleration Schemes for Restarted Minimum Residual Methods
A. Greenbaum  Theory and Applications of the Polynomial Numerical Hull
M. Fiedler  A New Partial Ordering of Nonsingular Totally Nonnegative and Oscillatory Matrices
H. Sadok  A Unified Approach to Conjugate Gradient Algorithms for Solving Nonsymmetric Linear Systems
P. Beremlijski  Shape Optimization in Contact Problems with Coulomb Friction
D. Janovska  Accuracy and Stability of Algorithms Based on Hyperbolic Transformations
M. Hokr  Linear Algebra Problems in Modelling of Porous Media Processes
P. Ralek  Numerical Model of the Fracture Flow
R. Blaheta  Damped Newton and Adaptive Continuation Methods with with Applications to Nonlinear PDE Problems
M. Zitka  Implicit Higher-Order Finite Element Solution of Systems of Parabolic PDE's in 2D and Applications
L. Luksan  Shifted Variable Metric Methods
N. Valdivia  Numerical Methods for the Recovery of the Source of Acoustical Noise
C. Perea  Partial Ordering and Convergence Conditions for Iterative Methods Based on Splittings
J. R. Cardoso  A Polynomial Method for Evaluating the Matrix Logarithm
K. Zietak  Numerical Behaviour of Higham's Scaled Method for Polar Decomposition
V. Janovsky  Algorithms of a Continuation of Invariant Subspaces