List of talks, MILOVY 1997

Daniel Szyld  Parallel Asynchronous Weighted Additive Schwartz Methods
Beresford Parlett  Variants on Two-Sided Lanczos
Valeria Simoncini  Stagnation of Restarted GMRES and the Role of the Right-Hand Side
Martin Gutknecht  Look-Ahead Procedures for Lanczos-Type Product Methods
Heike Fassbender  Implicitly Restarted Lanczos Methods for Certain Structured Eigenvalue Problems
Manish Malhotra  Solution of Shifted Linear Systems with Multiple Right-Hand Sides by Block Quasi-Minimal Residual Iterations
Eric de Sturler  Truncated GMRES
Zdenek Dostal  Iterative Solution of Systems with Several Right Hand Sides
Pavel Burda  On an Aposteriori Error Estimate for the FEM Solution of the Stokes Flow in Axisymmetric Tubes
Rudiger Weiss  On Solvers for Non-Linear Large Systems
Radim Blaheta  Iterative Solution of Nonlinear Systems Arising in Incremental Elasto-Plasticity
Ivo Marek  The Art of Aggregation-Disaggregation
Uwe Schrader  Convergence of Asynchronous Jacobi-Newton Iterations
Martin Styblo  The Mathematical Modelling of Groundwater Flow and Contaminants Transport
Jan Zitko  Restarted GMRES for Cyclically Reduced Non-Self-Adjoint Elliptic Problems
Olof Widlund  Some New Domain Decomposition Methods for Linear Elasticity and Helmholtz's Equation
Anne Greenbaum  On the Role of the Left Starting Vector in the Two-Sided Lanczos Algorithm
Ake Bjorck  Stability of Conjugate Gradient-Type Methods for Linear Least Squares Problems
Chris Paige  Sensitivity Analysis of the Unsymmetric Lanczos Factorization
Michele Benzi  Sparse Approximate Inverse Preconditioners: A Comparative Study
Leonid Knizherman  On Adaptation of the Lanczos and Arnoldi Methods to the Spectrum
Petra Schufer  Preconditioning in Electronic Circuit Simulation
Karl Gustafson  Operator Trigonometry of Domain Decomposition
Ladislav Luksan  An Indefinite Preconditioner for Saddle Point Systems
Mischa Kilmer  Cauchy-like Block Diagonal Preconditioners for the Regularization of 2-D Ill-Posed Problems
Thilo Penzl  Iterative Solution of Large Lyapunov Equations
Michal Krizek  Post-processing of Gauss-Seidel Iterations
Lev Krukier  Iterative Solution of Strongly Nonsymmetric Linear Systems Using Skew-symmetric Part of the Initial Matrix as Preconditioners
Galina Muratova  Multigrid Method for Solving Strongly Non-Selfadjoint Problems
Ljiljana Cvetkovic  Convergence Area for Relaxation Parameters in Two-Sweep Methods for SPD and H-Matrices
Daniela Calvetti  A Regularizing Lanczos Iteration Method for Underdetermined Linear Systems of Equations
Lothar Reichel  An Iterative Block Method for Computing a Few Close Eigenvalues of a Large Sparse Symmetric Matrix
Mario Arioli  The Use of QR Factorization in Building Preconditioners for Augmented Systems
Miroslav Fiedler  Numerical Mathematics and Graph Theory
Vlastimil Ptak  Measuring Convergence
Jiri Kadlec  Demonstration of Parallel Matlab
Ladislav Cespiva  Presentation of High Performance Computing Center - I.C.C.C.
Jiri Hrebicek  Demonstration of Maple in Scientific Computing
Roland Freund  A Symmetric Lanczos-Type Algorithm for Multiple Starting Vectors and Its Applications
Ralph Byers  Spectral Projection Methods for Large Scale Eigenvalue and Invariant Subspace Problems
Nancy Nichols  The Solution of Uncertain Matrix Equations by Iteration
Charles Broyden  The Gram-Schmidt Method - A Hierarchy of Algorithms
Peter Arbenz  Eigenvalue Solvers for Electromagnetic Fields in Cavities
Vladimir Druskin  Krylov Subspace Methods to Compute Functions of Large Matrices:Analysis and Applications
Jiri Kadlec  Numerical Analysis of QR, QRD and Normalized QR RLS Filters Using the Probability Description of Propagated Data
Csaba Hegedus  Error Monitoring in CG and CR Methods
Hassane Sadok  Analysis of the Convergence of the Minimal and the Orthogonal Residual Methods
Erkki Heikkola  Domain Decomposition Method with Nonmatching Meshes for 3D Acoustic Scattering Problem
Vladimir Vasilenko  Domain Decomposition Schemes and Preconditioning for Extra-MD-Splines
Matthias Bollhofer  Modified Block Diagonal Splittings and Their Degree of Optimality
Tugrul Dayar  Experiments with Two-Stage and Preconditioned Krylov Subspace Methods on Nearly Completely Decomposable Markov Chains
Martin Gander  Space-Time Continuous Waveform Relaxation for Reaction Diffusion Equations
Zbigniew Woznicki  Conditions for Convergence and Comparison
Carmen Perea  Some Convergent and Comparison Theorems for Multisplittings of Nonsingular Matrices
Josep Arnal  Non-Stationary Parallel Multisplitting Methods for Solving Almost Linear Systems
Julio Diaz  The Incomplete Domain Decomposition LU Factorizations
Howard Elman  Efficient Iterative Solution of the Three-Dimensional Helmholtz Equation
Jiri Rohn  Computing ||A||_{\infnty,1} is NP-Hard: The Result and Its Consequences
Martyn Field  Parallel Finite Element Analysis: Element Versus Node Partitioning
Achiya Dax  Dual Iterative Methods - a Review
Miroslav Znojil  A Perturbative Version of the Lanczos Method
Dasa Janovska  Updating the Correlation Matrix
Heinrich Voss  Non-Nodal Masters in Parallel Condensation Methods for Eigenvalue Problems
Alison Ramage  Towards Parameter-Free Streamline Upwinding for Advection-Diffusion Problems
Zdenek Strakos  Is Forward Error Analysis of the GMRES Possible?
Manfred Dobrowolski  Finite Element Methods for Elliptic Systems with Constraints
Pasi Tarvainen  Iterative Methods Based on Characteristic Domain Decomposition for Unilateral Variational Inequalities
Jiri Hrebicek  Numerical Simulation of the Turbine Missile Impact
Jari Toivanen  Parallel Fictitious Domain Method for Full Potential Flows


Ondrej Jakl  Parallel Implementation of the Displacement Decomposition Technique in Elasticity
Pavel Solin  Three-Dimensional Finite Volume Methods for Inviscid Compressible Flows
Petr Tichy  Untraditional Derivation of BCG Algorithm
Jan Cihlar  Numerical Solution of Discrete Navier-Stokes Systems
Alexey Chikin  Product Triangular Methods for the Iterative Solution of the Steady Convection/Diffusion Equation
Jaroslav Bosek  Recursive Projection Method and Inertial Manifold Theory
Sofia Davydycheva  Application of the Spectral Lanczos Decomposition Method to Computing the Electromagnetic Field in 3-D Inhomogenous Anisotropic Media
Miroslav Znojil  Perturbative Extensions of the Shooting Algorithm in One and Two Dimensions