M. Afanasjew:   Krylov Subspace Methods for an Initial Value Problem Arising in TEM
 P. Arbenz:   A Scalable Multi-level Preconditioner for Matrix-Free mu-Finite Element Analysis of Human Bone Structures
 M. Arioli:   GMRES Preconditioned by a Perturbed LDLT Decomposition with Static Pivoting
 L. Banas:   On Multigrid Methods for the Cahn-Hilliard Equation with Obstacle Potential
 U. Baur:   Model Reduction by a Cross-Gramian Approach for Data-Sparse Systems
 B. Beckermann:   Field of Values Error Estimates for Evaluating Functions of Matrices via the Arnoldi Method
 P. Benner:   Balancing-Related Model Reduction for Data-Sparse Systems
 P. Birken:   Updating Preconditioners for Sequences of Non-symmetric Linear Systems
 R. Blaheta:   Algebraic Multilevel Preconditioners with Aggregations
 F. Bloemeling:   Model Reduction Using Multi-Level Substructuring
 I. N. Bozkurt:   Decompositional Analysis of Kronecker Structured Markov Chains
 T. Carrington:   A Refined Unsymmetric Lanczos Eigensolver for Computing Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors of Unsymmetric Matrices
 L. Cvetkovic:   H-Matrix Theory and Its Applications
 A. Dax:   Orthogonalization via Deflation
 V. Dolejsi:   Study of the BDF-DGFE Method for the Solution of the Compressible Navier-Stokes Equations
 M. Domoradova:   Preconditioning for Bound Constrained Quadratic Programming Problems Arising from Discretization of Variational Inequali
 Z. Dostal:   Optimal Algorithms for Large Scale Quadratic Programming Problems
 J. Duintjer Tebbens:   Updating of Preconditioners for Large, Sparse, Nonsymmetric Linear Systems (poster)
 L. Elden:   Computing a Low-Rank Approximation of a Tensor
 M. Embree:   Potential Theory and Practical Aspects of the Solution of Lyapunov Equations
 Y. Erlangga:   Multilevel Projection-based Krylov Methods for solving a class of PDE’s
 O. G. Ernst:   Karhunen-Loeve Approximation of Random Fields Using Hierarchical Matrix Techniques
 H. Fassbender:   On a Quadratic Eigenproblem Arising in the Analysis of Delay Equations
 M. A. Freitag:   Inexact Shift-and-Invert Arnoldi's Method and Implicit Restarts with Preconditioning for Eigencomputations
 R. W. Freund:   Order Reduction of (Truly) Large-Scale Linear Dynamical Systems
 V. Galiano:   Parallel Access to netCDF files in High Performance Aplications from High-Level Frameworks
 M. J. Gander:   Discrete Schwarz Methods - Discretizations of Continuous Schwarz Methods?
 M. van Gijzen:   IDR(s) - A Family of Simple and Fast Algorithms for Solving Large Nonsymmetric Systems of Linear Equations
 G. H. Golub:   Matrix Computations and the Secular Equation
 A. Greenbaum:   Upper and Lower Bounds on the Norms of Functions of Matrices
 S. Guettel:   Implementation of Restarted Krylov Method for the Approximation of Matrix Functions
 W. Hackbusch:   Hierarchical Matrices
 A. Hadjidimos:   Extrapolation and the Cayley Transform
 P. C. Hansen:   Image Deblurring in the Light of DCT
 K. Hayami:   GMRES Methods for Least Squares Problems
 N. J. Higham:   Numerical Analysis of the Matrix Logarithm
 I. Hnetynkova:   On total least squares formulation in linear approximation problems with multiple right-hand sides (poster)
 J. Hron:   A Monolithic Multigrid FEM Solver for Fluid Structure Interaction
 D. Janovska:   On Singular Values of Parameter Dependent Matrices
 E. Jarlebring:   An Application of the Bauer-Fike Theorem to Nonlinear Eigenproblems
 J. Jordan:   Iterative Methods - Limits of Performance via Reachable Set Analysis
 V. Kostic:   S-SDD Class of Matrices and Its Application
 C. Kravvaritis:   A technique for computing minors of orthogonal (0,+-1) matrices
 D. Kressner:   The Effect of Aggressive Earl Deflation on the Convergence of the QR Algorithm
 J. Kruis:   Analysis of Reactor Vessel by Domain Decomposition Methods
 R. Kucera:   An Algorithm for Solution of Non-Symmetric Saddle-Point Systems
 V. Kucera:   The Discontinuous Galerkin Method for the Compressible Navier-Stokes Equations
 S. Kunis:   Computing Sparse Solutions of Underdetermined Structured Systems by Greedy Methods
 J. V. Lambers:   Stability of Krylov Subspace Spectral Methods
 M. Lanzendörfer:   On the incompressible fluid flow in a journal bearing, the viscosity depending on pressure (poster)
 J. Liesen:   On Optimal Short Recurrences for Generating Orthogonal Krylov Subspace Bases
 A. Lotfi:   A Preconditioned Domain Decomposition Algorithm for Contact Problem
 M. Madlik:   Numerical Simulation of 3D Fluid-Structure Interaction
 J. Malek:   Mathematical Analysis and Computational Simulations for Flows of Incompressible Fluids
 J. Mandel:   Multispace and Multilevel BDDC
 C. Matonoha:   Trust-region interior-point method for large sparse l1 optimization (poster)
 P. Mayer:   Convergence Issues of Iterative Aggregation/Disaggregation
 V. Mehrmann:   Numerical Solution of Optimal Control Problems for Descriptor Systems
 R. Nabben:   Comparison of Projection Methods derived from Deflation, Domain Decomposition and Multigrid Methods
 D. Noutsos:   On Stein-Rosenberg Type Theorems for Nonnegative Splittings
 M. Ohlberger:   Efficient Simulation Of Convection Diffusion Equations
 G. Oksa:   On a Parallel Implementation of the One-Sided Block Jacobi SVD Algorithm
 D. P. O'Leary:   Speeding the Training of Support Vector Machines and Solution of Quadratic Programs
 I. Panayotov:   Ritz Values of Hermitian Matrices
 B. Plestenjak:   Harmonic Rayleigh-Ritz for the Multiparameter Eigenvalue Problem
 C. Popa:   A Hybrid Kaczmarz - CG Algorithm for Inconsistent Systems Arising in Image Reconstruction
 S. Qamar:   Numerical Solutions of Population Balances in Particulate Systems
 K. R. Rajagopal:   On the Modeling of Entropy Producing Processes
 S. Ratschan:   Solving Quantified Constraints with RSOLVER (poster)
 S. Ratschan:   Verification of Hybrid Systems with HSOLVER (poster)
 R. A. Renaut:   Regularization Parameter Estimation for Least Squares - Using the chi^2-curve
 M. Rojas:   LSTRS 1.2 - MATLAB Software for Large-Scale Trust-Regions Subproblems and Regularization
 J. Roman:   A Robust and Efficient Parallel SVD Solver Based on Restarted Lanczos Bidiagonalization
 J. Saak:   Efficient Implementation of Large Scale Lyapunov and Riccati Equation Solvers
 J. Scott:   On the Direct Solution of Very Large Sparse Linear Systems Using Out-of-core Techniques
 K. Schreiber:   A Counterexample for Characterizing Invariant Subspaces of Matrices by Singularity Systems
 C. Schroeder:   Equalizing what should be equal
 D. M. Sima:   Level Choice in Truncated Total Least Squares
 T. Sogabe:   On a Weighted Quasi-Residual Minimization Strategy of QMR for Solving Complex Symmetric Shifted Linear Systems
 A. Spence:   Inexact Inverse Iteration with Preconditioning
 M. Stoll:   The Bramble-Pasciak Preconditioner and Combination Preconditioning
 Z. Stoyanov:   Statistical Perturbation Theory for Spectral Clustering
 D. B. Szyld:   New Conditions for Non-Stagnation of GMRES, and ...
 D. Titley-Peloquin:   Backward Perturbation Analysis for Scaled Total Least Squares Problems
 E. Tyrtyshnikov:   Tensor Approximation by Matrix Techniques
 E. Ullmann:   Solvers for large linear systems arising in the Stochastic Finite Element Method
 M. Ur Rehman:   An Advanced ILU Preconditioner for the Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations
 S. Van Huffel:   Tensor-Based Biosignal Processing
 T. Vejchodsky:   Higher Order Discrete Maximum Principle for a Problem with Absolute Term
 M. Vlcek:   Robust Algorithms for Chebyshev Polynomials and Related Approximations
 J. Vlcek:   New class of limited-memory variationally-derived variable metric methods (poster)
 H. Voss:   Solving Regularized Total Least Squares Problems
 J. Winkler:   Structured Matrix Methods for the Computation of Multiple Roots of Univariate Polynomials
 W. Wuelling:   Intervals, Tridiagonal Matrices and the Lanczos Method
 J.-P. M. Zemke:   Eigenpair Extraction Using Krylov Subspaces
 J. Zitko:   Convergence of a restarted and augmented GMRES method (poster)