How to contact local organizers

Members of the local organizing committee can be reached on their cellular phones. In the following table you can find cellular phones numbers and places, where the members of the local organizing committee will wait for you on Sunday, August 19. This list will be extended with names of other members of the local organizing committee who will stay at the airport, the Institute of Computer Science and the Faculty of Civil Engineering.

Name Phone Number Where
Miro Rozloznik +420728727743 Hotel Sklar, Harrachov
Mirek Tuma +420724519187 Hotel Sklar, Harrachov
Petr Tichy +420603809969 Hotel Sklar, Harrachov
Hanka Bilkova +420732842848 Hotel Sklar, Harrachov
Stefan Ratschan +420776089705 Institute of Computer Science
Jiri Rohn +420732852419 Institute of Computer Science
Ctirad Matonoha +420731821654 Institute of Computer Science
Martin Lanzendorfer +420732751835 Prague Airport
Iveta Hnetynkova +420608517005 Prague Airport
Jurjen Duintjer Tebbens +420606181897 Prague Airport
Ivana Pultarova +420603806720 Faculty of Civil Engineering