Prague seminar on Non-Classical Mathematics

Prague, 11–13. June 2015

Venue: the event  took place in the Institute of Computer Science of the Academy of Sciences
of the Czech Republic.

Protos: few photos from the event can be found here.

Organized by:
• Petr Cintula, Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic
• Zach Weber, University of Otago, New Zealand


Thursday 11.6.
1400–1500    Zach Weber - What is an inconsistent truth table?    Slides
1500–1520    coffee break
1520–1620    Can Baskent - Paraconsistent Topologies for Games.     Slides
1620–1640    coffee break
1640–1700    Mihir Chakraborty - Remarks on alternative set theories vs. the logical community.
1700–1800    Tomasz Polacik - How to Prove Conservativity by Means of Kripke Models.    Slides

Friday 12.6.
1000–1100    John Wigglesworth - Naive Modal Set Theory.    Slides    
1100–1120    coffee break
1120–1220    Hitoshi Omori - A Note on Naive Set Theory in an Expansion of LP.    Slides

1230–1400    lunch break

1400–1500    Peter Verdee - The Multiverse of Naive Set Theory.    Slides   
1500–1520    coffee break
1520–1630    round table: Non-Classical Mathematics, Metamathematics, or Mezzomathematics

Saturday 12.6.
1000–1100    Michal Holčapek - Fuzzy Sets and Fuzzy Classes in Universes of Sets.    Slides
1100–1120    coffee break
1120–1220    Zuzana Haniková - Models of set theory in Łukasiewicz logic.    Slides