Martin Holeňa

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Institute of Computer Science (ICS)
Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic 
Pod vodárenskou věží
CZ-182 07 Praha 
Phone: (+420) 266052921  
Fax : (+420) 286585789  

Senior researcher, member of the ICS Council
Department of Nonlinear Dynamics and Complex Systems


Main research interests:

o    data mining, exploratory statistics

o    genetic and evolutionary algorithms

o    artificial neural networks, neuro-fuzzy approaches

o    statistical inference, observational calculi

o    fuzzy logic, fuzzy data analysis

o    mathematical and statistical applications in engineering, environmental science, and materials science

o    subscriber of KDnuggets - analytics, big data, data mining, and data science resources


o    more than 170, including:

·         1 book

·         12 chapters in books,

·         38 journal papers,

·         more than 100 contributions to conference proceedings

o    over 90% of them have been written in English, several in German, several in Czech

o    a subjective selection can be found here

o    more than 600 citations in World of Science, ~ WOS h-index 13

Organizer of the Machine Learning and Modelling Seminar (in Czech) at the Charles University in Prague

My PhD students

Page for master students (in Czech)