Zuzana Haniková @ Institute of Computer Science, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.

my picture I am a researcher at the Department of Theoretical Computer Science.
My infocard here at the Institute.

I work in non-classical logic, mainly

  • algorithmic problems in substructural logics, and
  • first-order theories in these logics.
Broadly, I am interested in combinatorics, computational complexity theory, and set theory.

Postal address: Institute of Computer Science, 182 07 Prague, Czech Republic
Office: 403
Phone: +420 6605 3760
Mail: zuzana@cs.cas.cz

Upcoming logic events in Prague:
Prague Gathering of Logicians 2019
Workshop on Admissible Rules and Unification III
16th Congress on Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science and Technology
Logic Colloquium 2019

And some recent events here:
ICALP 2018
Prague Gathering of Logicians and Beauty of Logic 2018
Topology, Algebra and Categories in Logic (TACL) 2017

List of publications.

Journal papers
Implicit definability of truth constants in Lukasiewicz logic, Soft Computing 23(7), 2279-2287, 2019. Published version.
Complexity of some language fragments of fuzzy logics, Soft Computing 21(1), 69-77, 2017. Published version.
Term satisfiability in FLew-algebras, Theoretical Computer Science 31, 1-15, 2016 (with Petr Savický). Published version.
The Finite Embeddability Property for Residuated Groupoids (with Rostislav Horčík). Algebra Universalis 72(1), 1-13, 2014. Published version.
Varieties generated by standard BL-algebras, Order 31(1), 15-33, 2014. Published version.
Expanding Basic Fuzzy Logic with truth constants for component delimiters, Fuzzy Sets and Systems 197, pp. 95-107, 2011. Published version.
Interpreting Lattice-Valued Set Theory in Fuzzy Set Theory (with Petr Hájek), Logic Journal of the IGPL 21(1), 77-90, 2013. Published version.
Distinguishing standard SBL-algebras with involutive negations by propositional formulas (with Petr Savický), Math. Logic Quarterly 54(6), pp. 578-596, 2008. Published version.
Complexity Issues in Basic Logic (with Stefano Aguzzoli and Brunella Gerla). Soft Computing 9, pp. 919-934, 2005. Published version.
A note on the complexity of tautologies of individual t-algebras, Neural Network World, vol. 12, n. 5 (Special Issue on SOFSEM 2002).
Standard algebras for fuzzy propositional calculi, Fuzzy Sets and Systems, vol. 124, n.3 (2001). Published version.
Axiomatizations of standard algebras for fuzzy propositional calculi by use of truth constants. Journal of Electrical Engineering, vol. 51 (2000).

Set theory and arithmetic in fuzzy logic, in Petr Hájek on Mathematical Fuzzy Logic, Volume 6 of Outstanding Contributions to Logic, 63-89, 2015 (with Libor Běhounek). Published version.
Petr Hájek: a scientific biography, in Petr Hájek on Mathematical Fuzzy Logic, Volume 6 of Outstanding Contributions to Logic, 63-89, 2015. Published version.
Computational complexity of propositional fuzzy logics, Chapter X of Handbook of Mathematical Fuzzy Logic, College Publications, pp. 793--851, 2011.
A Development of set theory in fuzzy logic (with Petr Hájek). Beyond Two: Theory and Applications of Multiple-Valued Logic (Ed.: Fitting M., Orlowska E.) -- Heidelberg, Physica-Verlag 2003, pp. 273-285.

Conference proceedings:
On the complexity of propositional logics with an involutive negation, Third Conference of the EUSFLAT, Zittau, September 2003.
A set theory within fuzzy logic (with Petr Hájek). Multiple-Valued Logic. Proceedings. -- Los Alamitos, IEEE Computer Society 2001, pp. 319-323.

Theses defended:
Mathematical and Metamathematical Properties of Fuzzy Logic, PhD Thesis, Charles University in Prague, 2004.
Some contributions to axiomatizations of fuzzy propositional calculi, master thesis, Charles University in Prague, 1999.
Rozhodnutelnost Presburgerovy aritmetiky [Decidability of Presburger Arithmetic], bachelor thesis, Charles University in Prague, 1998.

Edited volume:
Witnessed Years. Essays in Honour of Petr Hájek. (with Petr Cintula and Vítězslav ©vejdar). College Publications, London, 2010.

Tech report:
Blind proxy voting. Technical report V1250, Institute of Computer Science CAS, 2017.

Some old talks and presentations.

On satisfiability of terms in FLew-algebras. LATD 2014, Vienna, Austria, 2014.
Set theories in many-valued logics. Seminar on alternative set theories, Amsterdam, 2013.
On varieties given by standard BL-algebras. Logic Colloquium 2012, Manchester, United Kingdom.
Complexity in basic logic. Workshop on non-classical logics, Vienna, Austria, 2011.
On varieties generated by standard BL-algebras. Topology, Algebra, and Categories in Logic, Marseille, France, 2011.
On logics with truth constants for delimiting idempotents. Logic, Algebra and Truth Degrees, Prague, Czech Republic, 2010.
Set theory in fuzzy logic, Czech-Japan Joint Fuzzy Logic Workshop, Hakusan, Japan, 2009.
A ZF-like theory in fuzzy logic, Non-classical mathematics, Hejnice, Czech Republic, 2009.
On standard SBL-algebras with added involutive negations, Logic Colloquium 2008, Bern, Switzerland.
Standard product algebra with involutive negations. Ordered Structures in Many-Valued Logic, Massa Lubrense, Sorrento, Italy, 2006.
Common complexity features of many-valued propositional logics. Colloquium talk at IIIA CSIC, Barcelona, 2005.
A set theory in fuzzy logic, Beauty of Logic, Prague, Czech Republic, 2005.
Complexity of propositional fuzzy logics with an involutive negation. EUSFLAT 2003, Zittau, Germany, 2003.
Computational complexity of some many-valued propositional calculi. Logic Colloquium 2003, Helsinki, Finland, 2003.
On the complexity of propositional tautologies of individual t-algebras. Workshop on Soft Computing (SOFSEM 2002), Milovy, Czech Republic, 2002.
Developing a set theory in fuzzy logic, Logic of Soft Computing, Gargnano, Italy, 2001.
A contribution on set theory in fuzzy logic. Logic Colloquium 2001, Vienna, Austria, 2001.
A contribution on t-norm based logic. Logic Colloquium 2000, Paris, France, 2000.
Axiomatizing standard algebras for fuzzy propositional calculus by use of truth constants, SCAM, Bratislava, Slovakia, 2000.
Algebras for fuzzy propositional calculi. Colloquium talk at Department of Computer Science, University of Milan, Italy, 2000.
Standard algebras for fuzzy propositional calculus, FSTA 2000, Liptovský Ján, Slovakia, 2000.

Past events organized.

Prague Gathering of Logicians 2016.
Prague Gathering of Logicians 2015.
Prague Gathering of Logicians 2014.
Gathering of Prague Logicians 2013.
Alcop 2012.
Beauty of Logic 2010.

Membership in associations.

Association CiE


Otto Wichterle Award for young researchers (Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, 2009)

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